2 in 1 sofa and hard mattress

Published by Jakey Chan December 06,2022

Hi dear, do you need 2 in 1 sofa and hard mattress.

One side hard feeling with palm inside it. This side is fit for people who have pain in waist, also good for kids and elder. It is made by environmental palm. No glue used, so it will protect our body healthy. In the topper of the palm we quilting 1cm latex. It will let the mattress feeling very hard, and also have function of anti-mite. The fabric we use is ice silk, when you touch on it you will feel cool.

Another side we use spring, 6cm foam and memory foam. Memory foam is soft and slowly refund, for different part of our body with different weight. The refund power is different. So memory foam can relax our body very well. The bottom we use pilling resistant tencel fabric. Even you use longer time it will not be pilling, tencel fabric is very soft,good for our skin.

For some client the room or elevator small , you can choose this foldable mattress, more easy to carry, One side hard one side soft meet different people demands.

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