Waxy genuine leather bed

Published by Jakey Chan December 06,2022

Hi dear, do you like this Waxy genuine leather bed.

From the Waxy genuine leather you can easily recognize the material. Waxy genuine leather have the feature of waterproof and Anti-fouling function. Because it is genuine leather, so it also have good breath-ability, touch very soft and also durable. you can see the special pattern on the leather.

Inside structure is solid wood and enough HD foam. Solid wood is hard with great load capacity, and high density foam will let the bed looks full on the headboard part, when you lay on it, will feel more comfortable. In the outside we add 2 laps copper nail to decoration the whole bed.

For the bed slat we use wood plate covered with non-woven fabric, first you can not directly see the wood will let the bed looks more beautiful and high level; second, separate leather and wood, protect the leather from being damage.

Soft bed with foam is anti-collision. However genuine leather can use at least 8-10 years. So do not worry it will being broken and use little time.

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