5 star hotel luxury bedroom furniture sets

Published by Jakey Chan April 09,2022

Hello, ladies and gentleman. Welcome to yexuan furniture, this is Mindy. Today I'd like to show you our 5 star hotel bedroom furniture.

Bed frame, bed base, the nightstand and chaise, the coffee table and sofa. The whole set is luxury design, 5 star hotel? Just take it.

Look at this bed frame, golden stainless steel with the modern diamond pattern, this whole bedroom is most high end and luxury. You

know, in the hotel furniture, golden and modern become more and more popular in recent years. High end furniture are with high quality


Look at here, a sharp scissors. No any scratch, no any damage. This is high end leather with wear resistant anti-scratch function.

Look at this coffee table, the round surface, fine and elegant  one with metal top. Comparing with normal one, this one is not only a 

coffee table, but also a unique decoration in the bedroom.

5 star hotel furniture sets, you deserve it. Thanks!