Cashmere fabric memory foam pocket spring mattress

Published by Jakey Chan April 09,2022

Hello, My lovely customer, this is Rebecca from Yexuan furniture company.

Our company major products is mattress, bed and sofa.

Today I would like to introduce our high quality mattress with competetive price product to you.


Before that, Let me ask you one question.

Have you meet any problem during sleeping on your mattress? Such as sleep deprivation, poor sleep quality,or lumbar soreness?


Now, Let me to help you settle all of these problems.

This is a Euro top mattress with middle soft feeling.


Our this luxury mattress is quilting with high end natural cashmere fabric in 500g, while side with softness  light gray linen fabric. And in front of the mattress, embraced with our PINMOON logo.

And also we put 5 handle as decorate on the mattress to looks more high grade,(normal mattress just 4 handles only)

Inside, we use more than 4cm memory foam as topper to support your body.and you can feel the slowly rebound when you pressure on it, time is around 3-5s. Imagine that how comfortable it is while you lie down.

and the density is around 50D.  which can be used for at least 10 years without any problems.

So it can strongly help you to improve the sleep quality.


However ,this mattress is made of pocket spring as base,which can be help to support very well during long time sleeping. And when two people sleeping together, it does not affect each other.

What’s more, we adjustable all the wire thickness and softness into 7 zone to better fit the curves of the human body.


So with using our mattress can solve the problem of poor sleep quality .


Due to the big size of the mattress, it's not good for container loading. We have a good solution for using limited space effectively,

which is to compress them in a pallet or roll up in a box.


If you want more information on our products, please feel free to contact our sales number or email below:


Our recommendation is well completed, thanks for licensing.