Happy birthday to our colleague, Alice

Published by Jakey Chan April 09,2022

Today, we don't talk anything about furniture, our career, our product. I want to introduce something normal happened in our

company. It was Alice's birthday yesterday! She is new to our family, and doing well on sales. 

It was 15th, July yesterday. And in solar calendar. Actullay we have two different calendar in China. One is lunar date, the other is

solar. Usually we use lunar time for our real birthday. So you can have two birthday, if you want. One can be big, one small. So 

it's the small one yesterday. And we want to have a little ceremory for our new sales. 

The cake was delicious! Said, Alice. And she was very happy, we all very happy. She made a long time wish, you can see how 

serious she was and sincere. 

We are happy for you! And hope you are doing well our sales deparment! Don't worry about anything bad that will happen. We

are your shield. Side by side with you.