How can we tell the inside material of mattress

Published by Jakey Chan December 06,2022

How can we tell the inside material of mattress


How can we tell the inside material of mattress

Hi my friends, do you have trouble is bad quality about your mattress. Maybe you think this mattress is not your demand. But this mattress is sealed, you can not see inside very well. How you can do? Today let me introduce to you.

     1.Comparing pocket spring mattress and bonnel spring mattress.

  • Pocket spring will have motion isolation, bonnel spring mattress will make noise when you turn over on the mattress. This is because bonnel spring is made up of one wire only. So when you touch one part,other part will feel it. And pocket spring is independent and the wire is wrapped with non woven fabric. So pocket spring will be better than bonnel spring.
  • Pocket spring will have the same diameter of wire, but bonnel spring is not the same. Bonnel spring wire is bigger than the middle. So when you touch the mattress border, it is bonnel spring if you find it is hollow.

      2.Comparing foam and memory foam.

Memory foam have a big function, It can rebond slowly, so that it can adjust your sleeping type. When we wake up from the mattress, we will find the mattress is sunk, and then rebond slowly and reback to the original if it is memory foam.

But if it is regular foam,you can not see it.

So my friend, if you still have any other question about the mattress,welcome to contact me.