How do YEXUAN FURNITURE produce the super luxury beds with long headboard

Published by Jakey Chan April 09,2022


I have introduce this Italian super luxury beds to you before, todays topic is focused on how to produce it.


Its 45 seconds video, but this is only half part of it. The 45 S means more than one hour producing process. Before production, there are dozens of pieces upholstered boards need to made first. The main materials includes outside leather fabric, inside polyester fiber, inside board is MDF board. The upholstery boards are connect to the headboard like the button and hole of cloth. Once its connected, its hard to separate.


First, our designer will draw a CAD pic, then our factory has CNC route machine to cut the boards precisely and efficiently. But its also to split them together. You can tell from the video, our experienced work has failed for the first time trying. And it already takes him half hour.


Usually, one work can produce one headboard alone. But for this super luxury beds with long headboard, our colleagues have to help him for stress the upholstered boards to keep them still and also has one rolled up mattress package to press it to avoid unbalanced incidents.


You also can see the main materials of the headboard is made of plywood. The most import thing is we have one 2.6 meters stainless steel frame encased the long headboard. Beside, the bed base also has one big golden stainless steel frame. You may wonder how much we pay for the materials only.


Everything is worth after you can what we finished make. Welcome to inquiry!