How to choose a suitable mattress

Published by Jakey Chan June 03,2024

If you want to know whether the shoes are comfortable, you must try them. Whether the mattress is comfortable, you must lie down.Don't look down on this. Look at the picture below to see the difference.

soft-hard mattress structure

It is recommended to go to the store and experience the soft and hardness you need. The shopping guide. The shopping guide recommends you to lie down for as long as possible, lying on the right side, lying on the left side, closing your eyes, and sitting at the bedside and the end of the bed. If the support is not good, the bedside will slide down. At present, the main mattresses in the market are spring mattresses, latex mattresses, etc. Of course, there are water mattresses, air mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc. But people who don't have special needs generally don't buy them. Spring mattress is the most commenly used in markets.

1. Spring mattress

Mattress is mainly divided into three layers: spring, filling layer and fabric.

mattress inside layer

The main technical differences are concentrated in the fabric and filling layer. The following points should be paid attention to when selecting:


Simply speaking, the larger the number, the finer the yarn, the higher the technical requirements, so the higher the number, the more expensive!

Filling layer:

① sponge is light and cheap, but it has poor supportability, poor air permeability and easy to breed bacteria. So good mattresses rarely use pure sponges

② memory cotton is a kind of sponge, which is commonly known as slow rebound sponge. This material molecule is very sensitive to temperature, so it is also called temperature sensitive memory cotton. It is soft with special viscoelastic properties, strong shock energy absorption capacity and function of relieving pressure. The hotel zero pressure room uses this kind of, this kind of cost is high, the price is more expensive.

2. Latex mattress

The latex fever from Thailand has swept the world in the past two years.

The raw materials are divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. The former is more environmentally friendly and expensive, while the latter is more durable and relatively cheap.

There are two main components of this mattress:

Bearing layer:

①Bonnel spring

bonnel spring

The traditional spring mattress has high hardness, but it is easy to sag and deform when it is used for a long time, so it can not relax the waist muscles.

② Pocket spring

In such a spring structure, each spring body expands and contracts independently, and independently operates and bears weight when people lie on their back. Different parts of the body exert different pressure on the mattress. Anti-interference ability is strong, two people sleep on the same mattress, when one side turns over, the other side is completely unaffected. The so-called three-zone, five-zone, seven-zone and even nine-zone supporting mattress which relies on independent bag spring technology.

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