Official info updates about FOSHAN YEXUAN FURNITURE COMPANY

Published by Jakey Chan April 09,2022

Hi Dear,


This is Jakey from YEXUAN FURNITURE COMPANY, you can try to search our company basic info by Alibaba site, You Tube videos or Google site.


Lets me have a brief introduction first. Our factory is specialized in customized made furniture producing, which includes beds, mattress, sofa and some other upholstered furniture. We have developed some luxury designs that with golden stainless steel frame furniture models this year. They come with very good price, too.


We have equipped with brand new machine this year for beds boards cutting. It can easier the producing process, especially for customized beds model. Our designer will draw a CAD image first, then the machine will execute the order we have given to the CNC route machine, which is much more precise than experienced upholstered workers. For the mattress, we also purchase one compress and rolled up machine, so we can load about 3 times more than normal state. Inside materials are optional, it depends on you like soft or hard feeling. As to sofa, Id like to recommend one modern luxury style with very good price. Its called Versace sofa design that is inspired by one western female god portrait named Medusa.


I can share our catalog with you, if you are interested in luxury furniture sets. Remember our company is good at customized made designs with low MOQ. Looking forward to cooperating with you.