Pinmoon luxury golden stainless steel hotel bed

Published by Jakey Chan June 03,2024

Hi everyone! This is Jakey from yexuan furniture. We are specialized in beds, mattress and sofa hotel project

furniture producing. Today, I want to recommend one luxury bed model to you.

First, we you see the luxury golden stainless steel bed. It leaves a high end while delicate expression to 

yourself. The headboard, tailboard, bed end and nightstand are intergrated like one.

The headboard are made with a big golden stainless steel frame with special dealt with handcraft leather

material. The inside materials are solid wood bed+e-co plywood, high density foam and synthetic leather


When we check the tail board, it has very similar design of the headboard, but in a smaller size. The special

shape leather and the steel frame make the bed as very deligent feeling.

The bed end also is nessesary part to buy when you decide to purchase the bed. Or it will be like missing

something, if you only have the luxury leather beds.

So, are you ready to buy the luxury hotel bed with golden stainless steel frame for your hotel or home?