The advantages and disadvantages of four fabric sofas

Published by Jakey Chan December 06,2022
  1. Pure cotton sofa

Pure cotton fits better with the skin. It is breathable and soft, and you will have an excellent sense of comfort when sitting on it. But there are still some defects, such as its poor elasticity and wear resistance. If it is in the humid area, because of the high humidity and vapor phase contrast, it will be mold easily.


  1. Flannel sofas

Flannel sofas mainly include corduroy, suede, etc. Because the price of flannel is higher, the price of flannel sofas has also risen. The flannel sofa is soft and comfortable, and its thermal insulation effect is much better than that of cotton and linen. It is dust-proof and anti-fouling. But the flannel has a major defect that it is easy to generate static electricity. Human hair or animal hair is easy to stick to the surface and it is difficult to clean up. Furthermore, long-term static electricity may have a certain impact on human health.

The advantages and disadvantages of four fabric sofas

  1. Linen sofa

One of the characteristics of linen is that it has good air permeability and electrical conductivity. It is very suitable for summer. Generally, it will not fade because of its good color fixation. Of course, linen also has a big defect. The elasticity is not good, so the recovery ability of the sofa after deformation is very limited.


  1. Blended sofa

Generally, the quality of the blended fabric will be relatively poor compared with the former three. Both the function and the appearance are general, but the price will be much cheaper. If you have a limited budget and want a higher price-performance ratio, blended sofas are also a good choice.