How do we deal with coronavirus?

Published by Jakey Chan May 30,2024

It's destined to be an extraordinary year in 2020.

In this year, we are all suffered by the corona virus.

During this disease, Nobody Keep out of the affair

we should wear the mask, clean the hand oftenly,and keep out of the crowds.

We hope to walk out of the haze with you side by side and welcome a prosperous tomorrow.

Yexuan furniture wishes people all over the world health and safety, away from the virus.

The world situation: Most of country in this world has declared into emergency state. 

Moths before, European and American act in a negetive way to deal with cororavirus. There is even some stupid idea: "collective

immunity“ which is very popular in some european countries. Especially, British. Now the prime minister of United Kingdom has

catched the virus, had to annouce national emergency state. The similar situation happened in United States. I don't want to talk too

much about Donald Trump, he is not someone who deserve too much attention. You know, a business man can be present.

How should we to do to deal with coronavirus?

As matter of fact, the virus is not terrible. The most import things is how do we do and how our government react. China is a sample

to learn. The largest population in this world has controlled the virus effectively. So how do we do that?

First, government palys a very vital role in the first place. Locking Wuhan city, which may be the original place of the virus. Then, limiting

people going out and going into a village. Also record personal trace in online date. so we can isolate suspicious one with fever.

As a person, we need stay home, get far away from crowds as much as possible. Wash your hands often, keep the window open and wear

a mask to prevent corona virus.

Do whatever we can to help other people in other countries. As a trade man, we will do whatever we can to help others. Now China has

many resours to produce masks and some other medical necessities. We can sell furniture to you while looking for good medical resources 

for you. 

You know, whatever happen, China can be your friends.