Good medical resources to fight against coronavirus

Published by Jakey Chan June 03,2024

You know, we are professional hotel project furniture manufacturing. But the world now suffers the coronavirus, we can also 

provide good resourses with n95 masks for sale to fight against coronavirus. 


This medical face mask can prevent 95% bacteria effectively. Now we are offer you n95 respirator face mask for sale. Price range

at 1.5usd to 2.5usd, it depends on how many pieces you need. MOQ:20000 pieces.

This mask can be used for surgical, a very commonly use surgical mask for sale in YEXUAN FURNITURE. Of course, our masks have 

CE certification, which you should not  worry about our quality issues.


There is another disposible coronavirus face mask for you to choose, which is much cheaper. Face mask for coronavirus n95 for sale 

can be repeatedly used, while disposible one can't. 

We have already have face mask for sale, including face mask n95 for sale. There is also one option of hand wash liquid for you. Don't

hesitate to ask inquiry, if you need any of this. Good price and good service for you.

Don't forget we are professional hotel project furniture factory, and you may ask inquiry to us about hotel furniture.