Royal ODM+OEM hotel luxury wood bed room furniture bedroom set

Published by Jakey Chan April 09,2022

Tell what are you feeling when you see the hotel luxury king size leather beds? Luxury? Modern? Royal? Or this is your dreamed

bedroom furniture sets design?

Let's have a general view of the luxury leather beds. There are nightstand, bed end chair, and luxury leather king size hotel beds

with high tail board. All those elements make you feel high end and modern luxury.

Check again. The dark brown color gives you atomasphere of seriours and decent. The golden modern luxury stainless steel frame

add some high end and royal character to this beds design.

Pinmoon is our branch brand logo for mattress products. There are there parts consist of headboard design, golden stainlees steel

frame, diamond shape leather handcraft and separated square upholstered board. Leather plus golden line, flat leather plus diamond

handcraft shape, all those makes the luxury bed head design.

We have never thought how could flat leather can be made of diamond shape. The delicate tiny thread and hundreds of diamond

makes you feel very comfortable when you touch it. Which is completely different from traditonal buttom tufts. New design always

bring new life to this area.

The flat leather surrounded by staight golden line. Have you ever imaged how do we make it? Ask our sales, please.

How can we miss the bed end chair? Check this unique shape chair with golden stainless steel and special fabric. Ask the price to

us, we will give you surprise.