Super strong upholstered king size bed base

Published by Jakey Chan April 09,2022

Most people have seen bed base in hotel or in some other places, today I'd like to introduce one super strong upholstered king size

bed base, which can be made with gas lift mechanism.

First, I want to introduce the inside material to you. The main structure of this solid pine wood frame and e-co plywood, there is 

no harmful chemical materials to human body. So you don't worry about any health problems.

Whole outside frame is made with synthetic leather, and we have many options for you, inluding linen fabric, velvet fabric and 

leather fabric. And you decide to to use which kinds of fabric, it depends on your taste.

The matal slat on the top is made with two parts, one is metal frame, the other is pine wood slat. You can see it has 4 bars crossing

its center. So can you imagine how stable it is! It can easily hold 5 adults at least.

Upholstered handcraft begin from Europe and America, and now it is developed by China. And we have successfully made quantity

to quality, which means you can buy the best quality products from China with the lowest price. Don't doubt that, when you wear

and use is made from China.