Introduction of waterproof mattress

Published by Jakey Chan June 03,2024

Hi, everyone! This is Sally.

Today, I want to share waterproof mattress with you. Many people always worry about the air make the

mattress wet, how to deal with that? Sun dry, no, mattress is big and heavy, difficult to move; Buy another?

No so wasteful. So how to do? I have a good idea: buying a waterproof mattress. What is a waterproof

mattress? Is it really waterproof?

Waterproof mattress mean that it is added a layer of waterproof cover on the mattress, or it is to sew, or

it is to add is very comfortable and breathable. Each hole can hold 700 water molecules , it

can be washable, foldable and environmental, recycle. There are two types of waterproof mattresses now.

1, home care waterproof mattress, liquid can not come inside and easy to wipe, can keep the bed surface

clean for a long time, it is easy to clean and disinfection with strong breathable stystem.

2, high quality waterproof mattress with strong water absorption, breathable, highly waterproof, is the nice

 bedding for newborn baby. bedding style design can be suitable for all kinds of mattress. It protects the

mattress from contamination and provide a clean, non-allergic sleeping environment.

So, will you buy waterproof mattress for hotel or your home?